The Fish

Text and Photographs By

Bob Paty

Lake Seminole As It Looked In 1960

The "Tools"

The boat glided silently through the dead trees that extended above the water like bleak sentinels. The quiet was occasionally interrupted by a limb that yielded to the years of decay, crashing into the black water with a sound that echoed throughout the water engulfed forest. I carefully sculled the bateau down an opening that had been a road through a beautiful oak forest some four years before. The trees had been sacrificed to create lake Seminole, a 37,000 acre man made impoundment. The Jim Woodruff dam on the Appalachicola river in North Florida, with its major water source the Flint and Chattahoochee rivers in Georgia had created an exceptional fishing and recreational lake. Lake Seminole occupies the southwest corner of Georgia and extends into north central Florida.

To the the east, the morning sun that silhouetted the trees, provided just the right amount of light to see open areas in the water between the tree's trunks. Into these openings my long time friend Ennis Pittman and I were casting Dalton Specials, a surface fishing lure designed to entice large mouth black bass. The spinner on the back of the lures revolved at each twitch of the rod tip creating a sputter, a sound that broke the silence and seemed to return to us from several directions.

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