Benny Howard's Mike Model
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Benny Howard's Mike

This model of the Mike is the second one that I have constructed. I built another smaller version of the Mile prior to going into the US Navy in 1943. Unfortunately it along with some other scale display models were gone when I was discharged in 1946. My mother loaned them for an exhibit and they were never returned. I obtained the plans for this model from Cleveland Model Supply. All during the 'thirties" Cleveland kits were the choice for serious scale model builders. Plans are still available on over one hundred "antique" airplanes. See the photo of the early construction stage of the Mike. Also a link to Cleveland Model Supply

In 1933 Benny Howard had two identical airplanes built. They were named Ike and Mike. Ike was never used for racing, but was a popular airplane at air shows for stunt flying. The Mike was very competitive winning the Greve Trophy at the National Air Races in 1934, and among the top four in the 1934 and 1935 Thompson Trophy Races. Benny Howard, who worked for United Airlines as a pilot, was not allowed by contract to compete in the closed course races. Other pilots flew the Mike.

Even though a supercharger was installed on the six cylinder Menasco engine, it was not able to compete with the newer racers with cantilever wings and retractable landing gear. The Mike was built with the same construction methods used since WW1 using wood and fabric covering. The Mike placed fifth in the 1936 Greve Trophy Race and that is the last record of the Mike in competition.

Cleveland Model Supply

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