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Gee Bee R1

Five weeks ago I decided to complete a display model airplane I started a year or so ago and never completed. This is a Gee Bee R1 from the Golden Years Of Air Racing. It is a 1/12 scale, as accurate reproduction to the actual airplane as I could make it. This is the ninth model from that period that I have built and like the others there is a lot of aviation history surrounding it. I am an amature aviation "detective" and there are two stories that run parallel about the actual airplane.

The first is about Jimmy Doolittle, Who flew the airplane to two victories, one being the Thompson Trophy race in Cleveland, Ohio in 1932 when he was 35 years old. If his name means nothing to you, then it should. Lt. Col. James Doolittle led the B 25 bomber raid on Tokyo Japan in 1942. You can read about this by clicking the link below.

The other concerns the Granville Brothers and the development of the Gee Bee series of racing airplanes This airplane was a very controversial design and had earned a "flying coffin" reputation. All told seven experienced pilots were killed while flying different models of the Gee Bee. Jimmy Doolittle had nothing but good words for the Gee Bee after winning races flying it. However he never flew an any races after that. He was quoted as saying "No body dies of old age in this business." Pilots flying some of Gee Bees as well as other racing airplanes in the nineteen thirties were bold and fearless to say the least. I remember reading a poster in a pilots ready room, "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are not any old bold pilots." You can read more of the Gee Bee races below.

Jimmy Doolittle

Gee Bee Racers

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