Harry Crosby's CR-4 Model

Harry Crosby's CR-4

The Crosby CR-4 was my seventh model airplane from the "Golden Age Of Air Racing" in the late thirties. This is a 1/12 scale, exact replica of the Crosby CR-4 airplane. I built it without plans, just a three view drawing, obtained from the internet (See first photo below). There are two deviations. First the landing gear is shorter, as I had to do this to make it retractable. Second the cockpit canopy is not to scale.

Harry Crosby designed this airplane with the help of AERO Industrial Technical Institute in 1936. The construction was way better than the "home built" airplanes from that period. The CR-4 was all aluminum construction except for the control surfaces. It had also been wind tunnel tested. It was raced in both the Grieve and Thompson Trophy races thru 1939.

The CR-4 was another "hard luck" airplane, engine overheating and problems retracting the landing gear, prevented completing the grueling races.

Above photo is one that I took in 1938. The Crosby CR-4 is in rhe center. The Shoenfeldt Firecracker is partly covered on the right.

Parts of the original airplane were duscovered on a farm in North Carolina in 1990 and the airplane was completely restored. It is on display at the EAA Museum in Osgosh Wis. See photos below.

You can see more of the restoration of the original airplane by clicking on the link below.

Crosby CR-4 Restoration

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Crosby CR-4 Model


Photo Of Restored
Original Cr-4


CR-4 Flight Simulation

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