Art Chester's Goon Model
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Art Chesters Goon

Art Chester's "Goon" was my third 1/12 scale model from the Golden Age of Air Racing. It was a "built from scratch," model, with only a 8 in. by 10 in. three view drawing and photographs to work from. With the aid of Photoshop, I was able to scale up the drawings to a workable construction plan. I made the the landing gear on the model retract, and was the most difficult part of the model to duplicate.

Art Chester first brought the "Goon" to the National Air Races in Cleveland, Ohio in 1938. Art was an accomplished pilot with previous racing experience with his four cylinder engine powered "Jeep." Art was also involved with Art Menasco in improving the CS6-4 six cylinder engine. However, all his experience was for naught, as the "Goon" was plagued with engine problems. The airplane itself was well designed and capable of three hundred plus MPH. Art did manage to win the 1939 Grieve Trophy Race, but never completed another race because of engine high oil consumption and over heating.

Not too much information is available about Art Chester until 1947. He returned to air racing again in the "midget" class. Art met his death in 1949, while rounding a pylon in a San Diego race.

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Photo Of Model


Photo Of Model


Airplane With Cowling Removed

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